BNC Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Black Nurse Collaborative (BNC) is to bring together nursing experts with varying skills and competencies who have a willingness to be intentional about building and sustaining a network(s) to be used for promoting professional growth, entrepreneurship and the common uplift and elevation of its members and communities.

The BNC aims to remove obstacles faced by Black nurses and create tangible support for its members to propel and excel in the nursing profession.

BNC Objectives:

The BNC endeavors to:

  • Become a national leader recognized for developing and advancing black nurses through advocacy, public presentations, entrepreneurship, leadership, and mentorship.
  • Demonstrate impact through quantifiable results of advancement and successes of Black nurses.
  • Through a collective voice, have presence and influence related to the nursing workforce (in any setting, i.e., academia, hospital, ambulatory/outpatient, school health et al) that will lead to the advancement of black nurses and nursing excellence.
  • Promote a culture of professional excellence and partnerships, leading to nursing improvements and innovation.